Covered in Colours

Title : Covered in Colours
Release Date : April 24, 2020

Formats: CD & digital download

  1. Still life in Mobile Homes (by Japan)

  2. Red (by King Crimson)

  3. Plantage (by Under Byen)

  4. Experiment (by Voivod)

  5. Chromazone (by Mike Stern)

  6. Glamour Profession (by Steely Dan)

  7. Entangled (by Genesis)

  8. Atlas (by Coldplay)

  9. To France (by Mike Oldfield)

  10. Fade to Grey (by Visage)

  11. S.A.T.O. (by Ozzy Osbourne)

  12. Aggressive Perfector (by Slayer)

  13. Back in Black (by AC/DC)

  14. Strawberry Fields Forever (by The Beatles)